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Tea is Our Passion...

We are steeped in a legacy that is the long practice...

Changing the approach of olive(organic)tea lovers in simple approaches.

We’re One of Those who are redefining how tea itself should be enjoyed. We’re a start-up culture that is changing the way we shopping tea from its place of origin to its drinker. We’re continuously trying to change the game with radically simple approaches.

Oliveto is a premium brand of Oliveto India that is based in Rajasthan and is committed to following ethical and organic/Pure farming standards. We are a leading manufacturer of olive tea. We are offering Olive Tea which not only provides you a premium taste but also rejuvenates your health in many ways. Furthermore, we help to market the produce of other best tea & herbs growers in the region through our eCommerce website. Olive tea inherent many medical and antioxidant properties, that boost your immune system and provide you a shield against many ailments. Olive benefits to humans are a proven fact since ancient times.

Our Process

At Oliveto, we handpick the best quality of fresh olive leaves from the olive plants and bring them to our processing unit. Our state-of-the-art processing of tea ensures excellent quality, aroma, and premium taste. After the entire process, to assure the freshness of tea leaves, they are packed in nitrogen-flushed sachets which protect them from immediate weather and temperature changes.

Olive Tea Benefits

Olive tea is caffeine-free and its antioxidant power is 400% more than green tea. The rich components of olive leaf tea make it cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-aging, and neuroprotective. The main component of oleuropein makes it an elixir for human beings.

Alternate to Regular Tea

It has been found that Olive Tea offers a lot of health benefits. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and being free of caffeine, it becomes an alternative to the daily drinks that people consume at large such as Green Tea, Coffee, Black Tea, and more. Coming at a time when people want to move to healthy habits due to the ever-increasing stress that comes with their lifestyle, Olive Tea is going to help the people.

Order at your Convenience

Oliveto India is our online portal to facilitate you to place an order online from anywhere at your convenience, we deliver the product at your doorstep with no delivery cost. All deliveries to anywhere in India are Free.

Olive tea Variants

Our Olive tea comes in four variants - exotic (plain olive leaves), Lemongrass, Holy Basil, and Mint. The Synergy of olive leaves and flavor leaves brings excellent results.


The Olive Tea, it was found that the tea is rich in components - Hydroxytyrosol, Luteolin, Caffeic Acid and Apigenin.

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Hydroxytyrosol, mg/Kg




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Apigenin, mg/Kg



Apart from this, Oleuropein is one of the other major contents found in Olive leaves.

Our Vision:

Tea Is Our Passion... & We are steeped in a legacy that’s the Long Practice. We focus To become a first choice of our clients for Olive tea and to bring products to keep people healthy.


We are committed toward bringing more research and technologies to our system to produce more quality and variety of products.