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How to brew a cup of tea

Make a Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time

How a tea is brewed can make all the difference between an amazing tea experience and an unremarkable one. So here’s our primer on all the things to consider when you sit down to brew your next cup of tea.

To ensure our Olive infusions enjoyed at their best, care must be taken when brewing and that’s why we’ve come up with our very own guide and matrix.

Preparation Instructions

OLIVETO Olive Leaf Tea Bags

Olive leaf tea is unique and tastes like nothing else... Let’s Check Out the Few Tips of Brew. Know your H2O & Consider the three T Always Type, Temperature & Time


    Use a kettle that is free of lime scale or sediment, and fill to the required level with filtered or spring water. Boil water to 100°C, never re-boil water.

  • Stir The Flavour Tea Bag

    Allow to steep for 2-3 minutes “STIR TO ALLOW THE TEA TO INFUSE FLAVOUR AND GOODNESS into the water. STIR AGAIN after a minute. then Remove Tea Bag and enjoy the Sip of Wellness.

    Tea bags can be brewed like the loose leaf.

Understanding of our tea packaging

Pyramid tea bags were designed to bring the loose leaf tea experience to the convenience of a tea bag. Take out the guess work of brewing loose leaf tea with these pre-portioned tea bags. They are tall, roomy bags that fit in a single teacup and give tea leaves plenty of space to move around within the bag and interact with the hot water for full flavour extraction. Because of the whole leaf tea, these can be steeped multiple times, so you can get several cups of tea out of just one pyramid tea bag.