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“Get ready to sip on a new kind of tea”. said Founder Oliveto India.

“Get ready to sip on a new kind of tea”. said Founder Oliveto India.

Olive Leaf Tea is unique and tastes Move over, Green Tea: Rajasthan to produce a unique tea made from olive leaves like nothing else.

Olive Tea is the simplest form of Olive leaf Extract. Since Ancient Times Olive tea has been used to cure and fight many ailments thanks to its antioxidant and other medical properties.  The olive tea contains zero caffeine, builds immunity and fights fatigue. It can also help those who suffer from mental stress and cardiac diseases.

 Get ready to sip on a new kind of tea. The desert state of Rajasthan is giving  the country an alternative to green tea - brewed from olive leaves.

“It will be the first time in the country and the world that a green tea alternative will be produced out of olive leaves. Founder & Partner of Oliveto India Mr. Hemant Ghiya said, “I'm a Ph.D. in Agriculture myself, and I knew olive leaves have several health benefits. So, I decided to get some study and lab testing done about it.” He showed several papers with findings of the lab studies. A lab test, conducted in June, confirmed the presence of several anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and other such substances in the olive leaves.

One of the substances found was Luteolin. “Experiments with Luteolin show that it suppresses bacteria-induced inflammation. Luteolin is an oxygen scavenger,” reads the report. He said the lab tests confirmed the presence of “such strong anti-oxidants” in olive leaves that they can help prevent several types of cancer - blood cancer, prostate cancer and ovaries cancer. After the studies and lab tests confirmed these properties of the olive leaves, the decision to process them was taken, he said.



 In Addition he said,

Olive Farms are spread over acres of land in Rajasthan and produces rich quality of Olive Plant. Olive leaves are plucked and process by Oliveto to bring you natural aromatic Tea with premium taste. We bring you Olive tea in four variants - exotic (plain olive leaves), Lemongrass, Holy Basil and Mint. The Synergy of olive leaves and flavour leaves bring excellent results.

We also Come with the Framer Benefits with the help of CSR activity.

So India “Get ready to sip on a new kind of tea”.